I open my eyes and look around me.
I see Dr. John is teaching us coronary artery.
He speaks as if he’s a newsreader.
So monotonous, so irritating;
His periods are so frustrating.
Still he goes on, as if, he’s a newsreader.

I am sitting in the lecture hall,
Thinking of how I tolerate him at all.
But Dr. John won’t stop blabbering.
I just woke up; was in my dreams,
Thinking of cute girls and ice-creams.
But Dr. John won’t stop blabbering.

He’s a disastrous teacher
Looks to me a newly discovered creature.
But Dr. John goes on teaching.
Disgusting to look
He teaches everything from the book,
And I call this as “cheating”.

Dr. John teaches us Anatomy.
He throws concepts like a Frisbee.
But I don’t understand him at all.
I look around to see most of my batch-mates sleeping,
And most of them are still weeping.
But Dr. John won’t stop torturing us all.

The ceiling fan rotates above me,
The tube-lights glowing brightly
But I am still sleeping.
Dr. John still continues teaching us heart.
I smell it, I can hear him fart!
But that won’t stop me from sleeping!!

As the lecture comes to an end,
Every sadness and frustration comes to an end.
I can feel the happiness within.
As Dr. John leaves the hall with added grace,
There’s happiness on every single face.
Truly, without Dr. John world is a better place to live in