Well, that’s most of my poems and songs uploaded.. Smile Hey WordPress!! i noticed something funny.. More than a month ago I had seen that I had 42 followers.. Then I saw 121!! That day I was on the top of the world.. Then not even a month ago I saw 5 followers!! 5!!! And now I see 76! What’s happening? And I thought only I was the one who’s numerically challenged!! Open-mouthed smile

Anyways, apart from the followers, I’m truly honoured by the one or two “likes” I get from fellow-bloggers. Man!!! When I go through these people’s blog (who “like” mine), I’m at a loss of words! I just wish I had more time to go through others’ blogs.. But, the fact that I am even blogging, is a shock to most medical students! lol! Open-mouthed smile

Well… Thank you wordpress, for the opportunity to share my journey with such wonderful people and bloggers! Smile