Close my eyes, a misty hue. Darkness. Amidst the translucency, I see a face. Smiling angel, an encouraging look. Phantasmagoria? Or a figment of my imagination? A feeling of mirth follows, light headedness. Pulse racing, but I’m calm. No relation, still a bondage. Is it a blessing or a curse? Drifting away from reality, hallucinating, it’s not LSD! What s it? Detached from my body, I drift. Is she a part of me? Her presence caresses my soul. I’m happy!


Open my eyes, I face reality. Harshness personified. She’s gone. For a glorious moment uncertainty lingers. Where am I? Not long before I face the inevitable truth. Lost in the wilderness of grey sorrow, standing solitaire. Head spins, weak in the knees. Pulse racing, I’m not calm anymore. Emotions roll down my cheeks…. Why do good things always come to an end??