Look into my eyes

They are filled with questions wild

Look at my heart

Unhealed since it was torn apart

Paranoia sets in

I’ve become so sceptic

Living in anticipation

Has made my life so hectic


Now I’ve lost my mind

I can’t rely on it

I’m hurrying through decisions

And now I regret

Can’t move along

These emotions so suffocating

I’m losing self confidence

I’m helpless though I’m waiting…


Gloomy heart

And a confused mind

Trepidation sets through

I’ve left my past behind

No matter how much I try to be pragmatic

Orthodoxy crosses my way

And when I sit alone with my poignant thoughts

All I can do is cry in dismay


And now that I see a light of hope

Far away in this tunnel of darkness

I fear it to be the light of an incoming train….