I'm OK - You're OK
I’m OK – You’re OK by Thomas A. Harris
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When my friend introduced me to this book, I was pretty sceptic about it. I had never tried any book of this genre. But my love for psychology made me read this book. And the first few sentences got me riveted to this book. Although Transactional Analysis in psychiatry is as complicated as psychiatry itself, the way this book introduces the reader to the concept of Super-ego, Ego and Id, is amazingly simple. Some may say it has been oversimplified, but i think it does a good enough job to get started with. This book completely changed my life. Helped me to get in touch with myself and in turn able to recognize the personalities of others.

A must read for everybody to know how to live life to the fullest and how to deal with ups and downs of life. No wonder this book is a bestseller..

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