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Equality (contd.) Castes

In this post I’ll be talking about the caste system so prevalent in India..

The caste system when it was started it had a meaning of its own.. But the concept was soon forgotten.. I have discussed that in my previous blog post..

But soon the so called Brahmins began to think that they were superior than the other castes. They mistreated the other so called lower castes. And not just Brahmins. A hierarchy of the castes were made, with Brahmins at the top most positions in the society, followed by Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras.. The Shudras were considered Untouchables by the so-called higher castes!!

Repressed for so long the lower castes hit back.. Now they are given RESERVATIONS by the Brahmin elites!! And the lower castes are happy about it! But I ask, does that change anything!!?? The arrogant Brahmins still think that they are better of as they are somehow nearer to God or something.. Inter-caste marriages are still a nightmare in India? Why?

As I said before, RESERVATIONS are the most hypocritical way of saying “We are Equal”.. Giving reservations is just a method of filling vote banks.. THAT’S IT!! It’s just a way of the so-called higher caste clearing their conscience.. It doesn’t bridge the gap.. It’s just widening it. Rather it’s cyclical! Let me explain how.

There was a time when the higher castes used to enjoy all the privileges in the society. And that was irrespective of whether they were worth it or not.. Now their guilt has made them promote reservation for the lower castes. Now the reservations have become so dominant (in some places), that right now higher castes have become minorities. They are now suffering what the lower caste had suffered before.. I see less worthy people getting to better places than worthier people just because they are so-called lower caste and have reservations. This obviously infuriates the higher castes.. This rage will build up eventually.. And this is definitely not healthy for the society.

I have met some people of so-called lower caste who actually deserve the reservations.. And then I again I have met those, who don’t.

Does reservation of caste solve problems? NO! if government HAS to uplift the lower caste, they should uplift the POOR- people who are economically low!! Reservation for caste has no logic!! There are well-to-do lower castes who pay 500 for some things while poor higher castes are paying 1000 for the same! Is this justice?

How can you solve this?

2 things: 1) Education and 2) Reservations to the right population

We need to educate people that caste system is of the bygone era. It has no relevance as of today! The so-called higher caste should let go of their arrogance.. Renounce their “higher powers”. Inter-caste marriages shouldn’t be a taboo! And caste system should go, once and for all!

Reservations should be given to the people who are BPL (Below Poverty Line).. And not just reservations.. They should be given privileges too (which I am happy too see, are given to some extent).. Reservations shouldn’t be a “Familial” thing, but a “Situational/Socio-economical” thing, i.e. one shouldn’t be entitled to a reservation or additional privileges because of their name (thus describing them to a particular caste), but because of their socio-economic status, because of their being underprivileged. So that when they become better of and are no more underprivileged, they should no more be entitled to Reservations or additional Privileges.

Maybe then we can truly say “We are Equal”!


As the world comes to its present stage, I wonder how it was before..

What do we know from history and science books about evolution of human beings? Human’s evolved from apes. They were hunters and food gatherers.. They hunted in groups. And slowly began grouping and socializing and building societies, families, etc.

This is what I infer..

Not all humans are equal. Everybody is different in their own good ways.. Some were good at cooking (considering they had discovered fire already), some were good at hunting. Some could run faster, and some had better vision. And maybe some were better at communications and decision making.. So what do the humans decide?? Work together!! Together they hunted better and could protect themselves better..

As their brain grew more complex, they started questioning and trying to understand things. Even the emotional component grew complex.. So they started building families, and societies.. Meanwhile they also invented GOD for questions whose answers they couldn’t find..

Now all over the world such societies flourished.. All had different beliefs and concepts to the world they saw. For example, humans who flourished in forests and good vegetation around, had their primary food as vegetables.. As their spiritual concept evolved, they felt God was responsible for the delicious food in the form of vegetables (vegetarian). Meanwhile people living in desert areas had a tougher life.. They had to hunt and kill and also had to compete for food.. The environment was hostile (or had grown hostile) due to climatic change and prolonged grazing of tame animals.. So basically meat was their food.. They believed in non vegetarian food as their primary source.. Meanwhile people living on the shores had sea food, fishes, etc. (non vegetarian).. So although both the communities are basically humans, but one has become primarily vegetarian and others non vegetarian.. Their concept of god evolved similarly. So while some sacrificed goats and bulls in the name of god, for others harming an animal was a sin.

Religion was devised to teach eager people the reason for their existence.. A novel idea. Beautiful stories were fabled.. Stars were followed.. Astrology was invented.

Some societies (like Aryans) built caste system. Another novel idea! They divided labor according to the individual skill. People with better logic, made decisions (Brahmins). People with brutal strength fought wars (Kshatriyas). Those with skills of making things, exchanged what they could make/create and did business (Vaishyas). Those with no skill were asked to clean or work as laborers and farmers (Shudras)

What happened after that?

Population grew. It’s no rocket science. A limited space and population growing.. Two communities, that had started far away from each other, met. And what happened when they met? What happens when u meet a stranger? You are afraid. Everybody is afraid of the unknown!

Oh and if I forgot to mention!! Humans from different communities didn’t only have different eating habits, and religious/spiritual beliefs. They had also different character, physical qualities like height, skin colour, hair colour.

So! When two different communities met, there was a collision.. The resulting existent belief depended on how they settled the collision.. If they went on a war, the stronger emphasized their beliefs and forced it upon the weaker.. It was a simple game..

While I was going through the history of Genghis Khan on Wikipedia, I saw how he increased his empire! During his days, there were different small tribes fighting amongst each other.. What he did was, he took those tribes in, one-by-one. And thus increased his empire.. He educated them, gave them medical facilities, etc.. So basically any ruler he fought or educated, etc. and eventually brought smaller communities and formed a bigger community..

Making and breaking of empires continued as the population grew and their were more people who could think and understand better than others. These people became Leaders for the others. And the more influential the leader, the more Godly he was thought to be! And more the people followed him blindly..

Some novel concepts got corrupted too.. Religion became a basis of war! Whose stories were better? It was corrupted and twisted according to the whims of the Leaders!

Also caste system saw a downfall.. People were assigned to caste by skill, had started being assigned by birth! Diseases that were predominant in Shudras because of the work they did, were designated untouchables! And a corrupt hierarchy was made accordingly!

Anyhow the population grew bigger and more communities mixed.. More mixing of beliefs.. Compatible ones got along better, while non compatible ones fought amongst each other.. WARS happened to prove who was stronger and who was powerful to rule the WORLD! With growing communities and mixing beliefs, the wars differed in their scale- from regional to world wars..

Eventually communities divided the Earth into their regions to keep.. Called them their countries, state, cities, etc.

THAT was the world THEN..

What is the World NOW?

It’s different! Humans today have better understanding of things that happen around them. Science brought about the major difference in man’s way of understanding of the world around them.. Things like Social networking and stuff has bridged all gaps between communities.. We now know, there’s nothing to prove who’s stronger and who’s weaker.. Cultures and societies have started mixing like never before..

Once novel ideas like Religion and Caste are obsolete now!

The only benefit of religion is spiritual solace. It has nothing to do with what happens around us.

Caste system has no basis whatsoever.. Now as doctors we know why Shudras acquired diseases that people of other castes didn’t. So, if a Brahmin was to do a Shudras’ work, he’d acquire the same diseases! So are Brahmins untouchables?

We also know that the Earth is not divided into Countries and States naturally. These are artificially made by men, in times that are irrelevant now.. Human understanding has evolved to a great extent now.

So what should the World Be?

No boundaries, no divisions. All of Homo sapiens living in harmony with rest of the Natural World. Wake up people, we have come a long way from Stone Age! We don’t need religion, to teach us what’s right and what’s wrong. We don’t need caste system to tell us who’s gonna or destined to do what.. We don’t need corrupt Leaders to manipulate stories to their whims and make us act in their favors. We need good education to UNDERSTAND how things happen around us.. EVOLVE! I donno if it’s time for REVOLUTION, but it’s definitely time for EVOLUTION!

Peace n Harmony!

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