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Figments of Imagination: Revisited

Distant but clear

These memories in my brain

Falling through my mind

Like pellucid drops of rain

The colourful band so beautiful

Bowing through the sky

Reminding me of my childhood days

Like figments in my mind


Many more years will go by

Time flies by so fast

Ageing through the ages

My time will come at last

The rain falling so heavily

Forming puddles on the street

I look back at my reflection silently

Through a distant memory..


Memories in my head

Like pictures on the wall

A painting so beautiful

A scene by a waterfall

The morning sun is shining

Birds singing in the sky

Every drop of water

Like figments in my mind


I see you standing there

Just below a tree

Your feet touching the cool grass

They cry in ecstasy

You are caressing a squirrel

That just fell from the tree

And I’m standing looking at you

From a distant memory


Memories in my head

Like letters on a scroll

A story so beautiful

With you in the lead role

A kingdom so beautiful

You being the queen

Every subject in you kingdom

Like figments in my dream


You rule over your kingdom

A kingdom of happiness and love

Everyone looks so peaceful

Like a happy turtle dove

You are sitting on the throne

And you look at me

As I’m standing and watching you

From a distant memory

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