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Nostalgia: Revisited

Reflectin’ on those times that we spent

Never knowin’ then what they actually meant

All those moments filled with myriads of emotions

Milder moments amidst wilder commotions

Every moment we lived, it felt worth livin’

Everything we gave, it felt worth givin’

O God! Do I miss those days!

Ask my heart, and you’ll know what it says

Although you are so far away

Inside my heart you’ll always stay

This relation is not easy to sever

We will remain Friends Forever..


To My Best Friend

I have had friends, none compared to you
So sweet and innocent, like an angel, so true.

You were the Sun, when my days were dark,
Providing the warmth, so full of life, a spark.

You were the shoulder I could lean on whenever I wanted
My days were so terrible, so haunted

But you never gave up on me
Like a true friend, u stood there beside me.

But then you disappeared, why, I do not know.
I was sad, and I missed you so.

I sat with Time, waiting for you, patiently
For the day when you’d come back to me.

And when you did, you had your stories to tell
Your sacrifices, your crises, that made my eyes swell

Mixed emotions, you made cry
You made me angry, at the same time

A chance to make you smile, warmth I could provide,
When your days were cold, that chance I was denied.

For your return to me, I was happy and gay
But for your predicament, helpless, I had nothing to say

But one thing I learnt from life, and I am sure.
Hard times now, in the future we’ll have happiness galore

Together, I promise, we’ll continue to survive
All the harsh realities of society, and strife.

I have loved you more than lovers do,
I care for you more than families, too.

You are the best friend I’ve ever had
Whenever you need me, I’ll be there, just hold my hand.

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