Everybody is equal in God’s eyes.. But the concept of equality, I think, has been misunderstood.. And this misunderstanding is so deep and labyrinthine that people today fail to see the actual meaning of it..

Generally speaking, when societies were forming in mankind’s earliest days, they understood the differences.. Man’s attempts at trying to understand things that happen around him, made him categorize and analyse. At first things were good.. But through the ages, the concepts for the conception of the differences became oblivious.. Man forgot why the differences were?! They were so blind that they thought God had made things to be like this. And as man sought power, he made these differences as a source of forming hierarchies in the society, too.. So there were those who thought that they were better of than the rest.. And these “rest” rested at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Those who were at the bottom of this man-made hierarchy were mistreated eventually. They were thought to be unworthy souls. But what happens when u treat somebody badly for ages? Their comes a critical moment, when the mistreated rises and says, “ENOUGH!” And there is a revolution. And so there was…

So in the not-very-distant past, these revolutions took place.. Those placed higher were shaken.. And as time progressed, man understood how much they have wronged. This immense guilt made them take action, make amends. And trying to make amends they made another mistake.. They propagated Equality, a misunderstanding.. Man has forgotten the actual meanings of equality, and blinded by guilt they didn’t realize what they were propagating! And as of today, I think, the misconception prevails.. I think its not about “Equality”, but the “Harmony among the Differences”, the “Unity in Diversity”.

These approaches at uplifting the wronged are, according to me, the most hypocritical method of saying “We are Equal”. No we are NOT! Not TOTALLY! Every individual is different! That is why they are Individuals. But they are not completely different. There ARE aspects that are Equal.. But the present society, I think, fails to understand these aspects.

I’ll be talking about some of these in the following posts in my blog. These will include Male-Female equality Caste equality, etc.. Read on..:)