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Happy Independence day to all my Indian patriots.. 🙂 A day to cherish the freedom we fought for, and we got! But this day has always left me wondering — what is freedom? What is India? Who are Indians? What is patriotism? And many more… most of them unanswered or, well, debatable…:) I’ll share some of my thoughts here on this auspicious day.. 😀 15th August 1947!! Learn it!! Memorize it!! INDEPENDENCE DAY!! Believe me, I still at times get confused between Independence Day and Republic Day (26th January)!! And don’t give me a weird look! I promise you there are many who do, mostly as kids though, but still they do.. 😛 It’s not like what’s 2+2, and u blurt 4!.. “15th august!” and you say, “Happy Rep..amm.. Independence.. Day?”.. Lol .. 😀 Jokes apart, it’s a very important day! 🙂 Many gave up their lives in making India free.. From?? Well, it’s taught British Rule.. So the Imperial Rule was over, and India was declared free! Now, as children we are also taught in history all sorts of things the British rulers used to do. Now when you do that, it does have deleterious effects. To quote and example, there are still people who despise the English language and label us traitors.. They urge us to use Hindi (National Language) instead of that! There was a time I despised them too. Not as an extremist though. But, then, soon, I found a pattern!! I found some dots! And I wonder what connects these dots!! The dots are as follows:

  • Indian subcontinent was a part of Africa, which drifted and collided with Asia, forming Himalayas;
  • Just south of the collision there was a civilization around the confluence of the Indus river system almost 5000 years ago (3300 BC- 1300 BC), known as the Indus Valley Civilization.
  • Around 1500 BC Indo-Aryan migration to India from the Central Asia.
  • Mughal invasion and subsequent Mughal Empire in India from 1526 to 1757
  • East India Company Rule in India (1757 – 1857)
  • British Raj (1858 – 1947)
  • Happy Independence Day (1947)

It looked to me the fertile plains of India has been fought for over the centuries!! So whose is India? What connects these dots? Dravidians, that is what the original people in India were known as, and now consists of what’s known as South India. History says during Aryan invasion, the Dravidians were pushed to the south (update: i heard there’s a controversy in this too). So the North Indians mainly consisted of Aryans, while the “original Indians” became South Indians.. It’s said Dravidians were pushed as far as Sri Lanka! And to present day, South Indians don’t have much of a liking for North Indian.. Call it hate, but they don’t speak Hindi, and might hate you if you spoke in Hindi to them! They prefer English to Hindi!! 😮 So much for the National Language! Aryans divided and ruled.. I don’t even remember the number of dynasties! Lol! There was a Mauryan, a Gupta, etc., etc.. And the predominant religion at that time was Hinduism.. Thanks to Gautama Buddha, there started Buddhism, although I don’t think he wanted idol worship! Soon after Mughal invasion, Muslim became a predominant religion. And thanks to Aurangzeb, the great (being sarcastic in every sense of the word), he forced conversion of Hindus to Muslim!! No wonder Hindus hated Muslims!! And then came British!! And they were hated as well.. Few more dots:

  • South Indians (Dravidians) hate North Indians(Hindus), because they were pushed down;
  • Hindus (North Indians) hate Muslims (Mughal), because of Aurangzeb the great perhaps;
  • Hindus hate English (British), because of the heart warming British Rule;
  • Muslims hate Hindus (if I hate you and do bad things to you, you’ll hate me too).

So much for Love!!! And I wondered what connected all the dots! And if you have been patiently reading through all this humbug, tell me, whose India is it? Why should I or you hate or have a grudge for any religion, language or country? I call to all Indians.. Tell me.. Who are you? Dravidian? Aryan? Hindu? Muslim? English? If you don’t know, let’s see.. According to me, Dravidians should have darker skin like South Indians or Sri Lankans.. Aryans had fairer skin, as they came down from Central Asia. Aryans (fair skin) push Dravidians (dark skin) south.. Muslim (fair skin) invade Aryan (now perhaps semi dark! Lol) and take control! British (fair skin) invade and push Indians (darker skin).. So to me, basically it’s the fight for India’s rich soil and wealth between dark skins and fair skins.. And the fair skins ruled until they became dark skinned, and if they failed to become dark skinned (like British), they were overthrown!! Lol!! Sounds funny!!?? But that’s the bottom line!! Religion comes next! Of course, if I am fair skinned, and larger (because I came down from a temperate climate), and I am stronger than you, who is smaller and dark skinned (because from a Tropical or Equatorial climate), my religion is “obviously” better than yours! Laugh on that!

Independence Day is good, but are we actually free? We can never be free!! It’s a delusion.. Everybody will be dependent on each other! I liked the idea of Interdependence Day spread by the Zeitgeist Members.. 🙂 I acknowledge the things the leaders have done for India to give India it’s long deserved freedom from Imperial rule. But, India still has a long way to go before it’s actually free.. And not just India! The whole world… One world, one country! Peace and Love! No boundaries. Just Harmony! 🙂


God! (contd.)

Hello.. Last blog I left at External Parent.

I came across this book “I’m OK, You’re OK” by Thomas A. Harris. It had in it
the concept of PAC (Parent- Adult- Child).. It’s a simplified version of
Superego-Ego-Id model of Transactional Analysis, proposed by Freud, made
especially for layman.

I’ll summarize it as:

Parent: it’s the part of a person that has been “taught”.. It mostly consists
of tradition, teachings, prejudices, etc.. Imagine it as a part of your
personality that stores information about what elders teach you.

Child: it’s the part that the child “feels”.. It mostly consists of all the
emotions like, anger, happiness, depression, guilt, creativity, etc..

Adult: it’s the part that analyses the data from Parent and Child and after
testing/processing the data it accepts or denies the data..

For example, you are taught that you shouldn’t touch boiling water.. This
data is stored in your Parent.. When you grow, your Adult develops. You touch a
bowl of boiling water and u feel pain.. Immediately the Adult accepts the Parent

Similarly data from Child is accepted or rejected.. A child who has been
loved very much, will have a lot of data on feelings of love, and a child
DEPRIVED of love, won’t have that much data related to love, and would grow up
as a hard hearted person.

Thus, a healthy P-A-C keeps life running smoothly.. For more details, check
the books, I’m OK, You’re OK, Staying OK, Games People Play.

Now what’s an External Parent..?

The Parent (esp. the data accepted by the adult) always tell us throughout
our lives what we should do and what we shouldn’t. Like, we shouldn’t lie, we
should be humble, we should be truthful, we should respect elders, we shouldn’t
steal, etc. etc.

So, ultimately, we depend on he Parent to tell us what’s right and wrong..
Whenever you plan to do something wrong, the Child in you feels the same “guilt”
or “anxiety” that you had felt when you were young and you did something wrong
and your parents scolded you or punished you..

When things go wrong or right, you blame or congratulate the Parent in you
and the people responsible for shaping your Parent, like actual parents,
guardians, elder brother sisters, uncle aunts, teachers..

There’s a peculiar human tendency of externalizing their Parent.. As in,
humans sometimes make some other person responsible for their actions.. For
instance, you tell your friend to scold you if you don’t study properly.. After
you have externalized your Parent onto that friend of yours, your Child goes
crazy.. Because the Child can sometimes be crazy and is always kept under strict
check by the Parent or Adult.. Externalizing the Parent is an indication of a
weak Adult.. And now that you’ve successfully externalized your Parent too, the
Child feels free to do ANYTHING it wants.. If things go wrong, blame it on the
external Parent..

So, in the above example, after telling your friend to scold you if you don’t
study, you go on to play and have the time of your life, and you fail in your
exams, and then you come back to your friend and scold him/her that he/she
didn’t scold you enough, etc.. And I am sure you could relate to such other
examples, either being the one who externalized your Parent or had been the
Parent for someone else..

In the present society, God is this External Parent.. Externalizing your
parent, makes you feel LESS RESPONSIBLE for the issue at hand.. Like you say,
God is responsible for making this universe and stuff, He knows the future,
He’ll take care of everything, and YOU activate your Child in full mode and
“feel” that you’re not responsible for all the destruction that you’re doing..

This is what Man is doing nowadays.. Externalizing his Parent onto God, he
“feels” he’s not responsible for all the chaos and destruction that he’s causing
to Earth. He thinks he is not responsible for all the cruelty, all the killing,
massacre that he’s doing.. After doing bad things, Man looks at his External
Parent, “God”, to see if He punishes him.. But your external Parent can’t punish
you enough, can he.. Some who get punished enough, become reformed, while most
others continue their bully.

I don’t know if God exists or not.. Maybe he does.. But even if he does, I
don’t think even he’d want to be an External Parent for all of mankind….. and the most give-away proverb that supports this assumption is, “God helps them who help themselves”.

So, I think it’s time we started helping ourselves, rather than waiting for God to do miracles…..


Let’s talk about God and Religion today…

What or Who’s God?

Let’s go back in time..

Early man: no science.. None whatsoever.. No fancy car, no dishwasher, no
electronics, not even table-chair! He’s hunting, and surviving..

Imagine yourself as the dumbest person on this planet.. You see the morning
sky and see the sun, what do u think? Wow! I can’t see that.. That’s one hell of
a bright light.. You look at it in awe as it sets and rises! It’s warmth
energizes you after cold night..

You see rain.. Thunder clouds.. How do u feel? U feel scared.. If you are
having a hard time imagining, think of your childhood.. Weren’t you afraid of
thunder and lightening?

Of course! It’s suppose to scare you.. It’s how evolution of brain has
happened! Being scared of loud noise! It gives u an impulse to protect
yourself.. Go inside a cave or something..

But then you ask yourself, who was “shouting”?? Was he angry or something??
Exactly what this early man used to think.. And they name him GOD!!

Early man couldn’t understand all the mysteries of the universe.. Why that
“bright light” kept coming up and going down, why the burning heat during
summers, why the freezing cold during winters, why the fierce rain during
monsoons, etc..

WHO was controlling these things after all!!! (Oh and that WHO isn’t World
Health Organization)

So, they ASSUMED, that there was this superpower, a master, the controller
who had created them..

C’mon!! They didn’t have geography lessons to tell ’em that the earth is
round and it’s the 3rd planet from the Sun, the so called “bright-light”! Nobody
told them about solar systems, air compositions, biology, chemistry,
electricity! Poor guys!

What do u do when you see a nice and interesting thing you donno about? You
make up a story! You make assumptions! You make discoveries and you invent your

So God was created!

What does this guy look like? Ooh he’s definitely a man!! Look at him roar
(thunderstorms) when he’s angry!! What language does he speak?? “God knows”!

So now we have a God, who looks like a human, and supposedly a male, and he
commands all of Nature (the wind, water, earth, sun, etc.)


NAH!!! Not liking.. Let’s add a female.. That poor guy can’t do everything on
his own!! This GUY should have a wife, some sons and daughters, a ministry, blah

What’s this!! EVOLUTION!!

A man’s opinion is a product of his surrounding.. So I don’t doubt that while
cave men thought their Gods lived in caves, kings and emperors thought their
Gods lived in palaces!

So as society developed, religious men also thought that even god has some
society or ministry kinda thing.. Lets make one take care of wind, one for
water, one for earth, one for food, one for this and one for that! WOW!! SO MANY

So as man evolved, concept of God evolved.. Until recently.. I’ll come to
that soon..

Let’s talk about RELIGION!

Early man: hunters. Killing, and feeding! How disgusting, you’d say! No
manners!! Sorry to say, but they didn’t have moral science class those days..

But then came this “thinker” who thought, that we are under the command of
god! So this “thinker” guy is now our moral science teacher for all around
him/her. And I assume this moral science teacher is old.. Else he wouldn’t have
many listeners, now would he!! Who listens to a stupid young fellow!! c’mon!
he’s soooo young!! Yeah you get it.. This guy’s old.. And maybe, just maybe, he
has some nice hallucinations, because of scientific causes we know affecting
old! But who’s gonna tell the other people that this guy needs a hospital and
not an audience!!

But anyways amidst his hallucinations, he tells wonderful stories.. He
teaches the young people the meaning of life! He tells about God.. Everything
that he thinks is positive

These stories are carried forward.. And as they are carried forward, they are
modified.. And you have no idea to what wonderful spicy substances are added to
it!! I call it the best cooked recipe!

So we now have a story, and a moral science book for those hooligans who are
not moral..

This is actually how empires spread.. This concept of religion was a
brilliant idea to make uncivilized humans, civilized!! It was ingenuity of the
human brain to devise such a fabulous masterpiece to make humans what they were
to human what they became.

But THEN things changed!


‘Cause there wasn’t only one psychotic “thinker”!! There were more!! All over
the surface of Earth!! And as explained in my last blog, communities met, there
was a collision of beliefs! And this resulted in wars, superior-inferior
duality, etc.!

So, now not only were humans fighting, but even Gods were! Say for example,
let’s have a death match between Allah and Ram! Yeah right! Hilarious! Next
round with Jesus perhaps..!

God and Religion in Present society..

After discovery of science, all those unsolvable mysteries (like, what if we
fall from the edge of the earth?) were solved! Humans realized it wasn’t God who
was controlling things at His bidding.. There were scientific proper reasons to
things that happened around us.. Why rain fell, why sun is so bright a light,
etc. etc…

BUT.. GOD remained.. WHY? Because the stories are wonderful and grannies love
telling nice stories to startle the young newborn’s mind!! And religious stories
somehow make the best bedtime stories! And why not.. Even in school perhaps!!
After all it was “THE INGENIOUS IDEA” that made uncivilized, civilized.. Now who
wants their children to be uncivilized!! Not me! So tell the best story ever
made!! God and Religion!

What’s God’s purpose now?

Apart from mental solace, God has now become, what I call, the

What’s that???? 😮

Read on.. Next blog soon..;)

As the world comes to its present stage, I wonder how it was before..

What do we know from history and science books about evolution of human beings? Human’s evolved from apes. They were hunters and food gatherers.. They hunted in groups. And slowly began grouping and socializing and building societies, families, etc.

This is what I infer..

Not all humans are equal. Everybody is different in their own good ways.. Some were good at cooking (considering they had discovered fire already), some were good at hunting. Some could run faster, and some had better vision. And maybe some were better at communications and decision making.. So what do the humans decide?? Work together!! Together they hunted better and could protect themselves better..

As their brain grew more complex, they started questioning and trying to understand things. Even the emotional component grew complex.. So they started building families, and societies.. Meanwhile they also invented GOD for questions whose answers they couldn’t find..

Now all over the world such societies flourished.. All had different beliefs and concepts to the world they saw. For example, humans who flourished in forests and good vegetation around, had their primary food as vegetables.. As their spiritual concept evolved, they felt God was responsible for the delicious food in the form of vegetables (vegetarian). Meanwhile people living in desert areas had a tougher life.. They had to hunt and kill and also had to compete for food.. The environment was hostile (or had grown hostile) due to climatic change and prolonged grazing of tame animals.. So basically meat was their food.. They believed in non vegetarian food as their primary source.. Meanwhile people living on the shores had sea food, fishes, etc. (non vegetarian).. So although both the communities are basically humans, but one has become primarily vegetarian and others non vegetarian.. Their concept of god evolved similarly. So while some sacrificed goats and bulls in the name of god, for others harming an animal was a sin.

Religion was devised to teach eager people the reason for their existence.. A novel idea. Beautiful stories were fabled.. Stars were followed.. Astrology was invented.

Some societies (like Aryans) built caste system. Another novel idea! They divided labor according to the individual skill. People with better logic, made decisions (Brahmins). People with brutal strength fought wars (Kshatriyas). Those with skills of making things, exchanged what they could make/create and did business (Vaishyas). Those with no skill were asked to clean or work as laborers and farmers (Shudras)

What happened after that?

Population grew. It’s no rocket science. A limited space and population growing.. Two communities, that had started far away from each other, met. And what happened when they met? What happens when u meet a stranger? You are afraid. Everybody is afraid of the unknown!

Oh and if I forgot to mention!! Humans from different communities didn’t only have different eating habits, and religious/spiritual beliefs. They had also different character, physical qualities like height, skin colour, hair colour.

So! When two different communities met, there was a collision.. The resulting existent belief depended on how they settled the collision.. If they went on a war, the stronger emphasized their beliefs and forced it upon the weaker.. It was a simple game..

While I was going through the history of Genghis Khan on Wikipedia, I saw how he increased his empire! During his days, there were different small tribes fighting amongst each other.. What he did was, he took those tribes in, one-by-one. And thus increased his empire.. He educated them, gave them medical facilities, etc.. So basically any ruler he fought or educated, etc. and eventually brought smaller communities and formed a bigger community..

Making and breaking of empires continued as the population grew and their were more people who could think and understand better than others. These people became Leaders for the others. And the more influential the leader, the more Godly he was thought to be! And more the people followed him blindly..

Some novel concepts got corrupted too.. Religion became a basis of war! Whose stories were better? It was corrupted and twisted according to the whims of the Leaders!

Also caste system saw a downfall.. People were assigned to caste by skill, had started being assigned by birth! Diseases that were predominant in Shudras because of the work they did, were designated untouchables! And a corrupt hierarchy was made accordingly!

Anyhow the population grew bigger and more communities mixed.. More mixing of beliefs.. Compatible ones got along better, while non compatible ones fought amongst each other.. WARS happened to prove who was stronger and who was powerful to rule the WORLD! With growing communities and mixing beliefs, the wars differed in their scale- from regional to world wars..

Eventually communities divided the Earth into their regions to keep.. Called them their countries, state, cities, etc.

THAT was the world THEN..

What is the World NOW?

It’s different! Humans today have better understanding of things that happen around them. Science brought about the major difference in man’s way of understanding of the world around them.. Things like Social networking and stuff has bridged all gaps between communities.. We now know, there’s nothing to prove who’s stronger and who’s weaker.. Cultures and societies have started mixing like never before..

Once novel ideas like Religion and Caste are obsolete now!

The only benefit of religion is spiritual solace. It has nothing to do with what happens around us.

Caste system has no basis whatsoever.. Now as doctors we know why Shudras acquired diseases that people of other castes didn’t. So, if a Brahmin was to do a Shudras’ work, he’d acquire the same diseases! So are Brahmins untouchables?

We also know that the Earth is not divided into Countries and States naturally. These are artificially made by men, in times that are irrelevant now.. Human understanding has evolved to a great extent now.

So what should the World Be?

No boundaries, no divisions. All of Homo sapiens living in harmony with rest of the Natural World. Wake up people, we have come a long way from Stone Age! We don’t need religion, to teach us what’s right and what’s wrong. We don’t need caste system to tell us who’s gonna or destined to do what.. We don’t need corrupt Leaders to manipulate stories to their whims and make us act in their favors. We need good education to UNDERSTAND how things happen around us.. EVOLVE! I donno if it’s time for REVOLUTION, but it’s definitely time for EVOLUTION!

Peace n Harmony!

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