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Save Doctors

Yeah, as if we are an endangered species.

Hello.. Been some time, I have been off. Nothing much to write about I guess. Although recently something has happened that has brought me back to writing.

It has a lot to do with the relationship between doctors and patients, and the growing mistrust. And it has something to do with apathy of the government towards it or the lack of sufficient infrastructure for health.

In my line of work as an Emergency doctor, I was in constant flux with unruly patient and their relatives. I got man-handled, received death threats and all that. I tried talking to my seniors and all they had to say was that I was the one who was highly qualified and better educated. I couldn’t break down so easily. I had to be the one able to handle my patient and their attendants effectively. So.. I tried..

But let me tell you, it is tough. Considering the workload on each doctor because of the abysmal doctor-patient ratio, as humans, it sometimes becomes impossible to take the stress. And to top it when government fails in providing sufficient infrastructure, it is the doctor who receives the blow standing in the front line. How? Let’s examine what is happening in Maharashtra.

In a place called Dhule, a person met with a bike accident. He was rushed to the nearest hospital. The first doctor they met told them that the patient was a case of head injury and since the hospital had neither a CT nor a neurosurgeon, it would have been best to take the patient somewhere the facilities were available. The relatives didn’t take kindly to that and started beating up the doctor. The doctor sustained severe injuries on his skull, chest and elsewhere. He is also reported to have lost his vision on the one eye he was injured. Here are the details.

There is a YouTube video of the incident. One can be seen here.

It didn’t stop there. Supposedly, the relatives, who assaulted, were jailed, and one guy committed suicide in custody. And the relatives wanted to file a case against the doctor for that, too.

Next was some news about residents being beaten up at another place in Maharashtra, Sion. This particular resident got slapped by a patient’s relatives. This is his story about the incident.

Episodes preceding this incident and following this incident led to a huge cry by doctors there for their justice. A thread on twitter has been posting regular updates on the cases.

So, while the residents doctors were on strike, the senior doctors took over to fill in the gap as much as possible. But some people can be so incorrigible. One relative allegedly assaulted a female paediatrician, whose statement can be seen here.

Doctor in Maharashtra took to the street protesting, while those outside supported the strike on social media. Various tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook could be seen.

Now one would expect the government to come in and act responsibly. But Bombay High court threatens doctor to resume duty.

Elsewhere doctors were suspended. It’s a total chaos. The one place you seek justice, threatens you. A simple demand of increased security is not being met by the government.

On the other hand, many patients were suffering too. They were caught between this fight between debilitated doctors and apathetic government. Some 58 patients were reported to die during this strike. Everybody now blames these deaths on doctors.

Some senior doctors have tried exploring the problems. They have some well written articles on the web:

  1. India versus “The Doctor”
  2. We need to protect our junior doctors

This is what I last heard of the strike. (will try to keep the post updated as the matter proceeds)

Update:  Seems like the strike has been called off to an extent. Although the protest continues.

Looks like the political parties are playing their roles too. Details here.

I hope the matter resolves as much as possible. But it has not been eliminated yet. This rabbit hole goes deeper. The growing mistrust between doctors and patients is a social failure. Each one of us has to work towards a better society where everyone can live as healthy as possible. The mistrust needs to be ameliorated. Health is a joint venture, not the sole responsibility of a doctor.

Some blogs like Health Curator, Unwrap Health, etc. are trying to create awareness.

For a better future. Peace and harmony.


The Road of Life

White clouds

Like huge ice-creams in the air

Floating around me

They come around and disappear

The wind was calm

And everything was fine

As I travelled through this road of life


Darkness all around

This life ending

Dead end just ahead

My powers are dissipating

Black clouds everywhere

Thunder strikes my heart

Hailstorms hit me

Now it’s tearing apart


It’s my life

With happiness around me

But this life

It has become a tragedy


Green trees

Like Nature’s children standing on the ground

Swinging from side to side

As if dancing to a musical sound

The wind was calm

And everything was fine

As I travelled through this road of life


Darkness all around

This life is ending

Dead end just ahead

My powers are dissipating

As catastrophe hits

Nature’s children are burning

All fall down in the fire

The tables are turning


It’s my life

With happiness around me

But this life

It has become a tragedy

Satyamev Jayate

Hello.. Sorry I have been away.. Being a medical student isn’t an easy job. Not enough free time. Moreover I have shifted to a new city, so it takes time to settle down and stuff.

Moreover, it wasn’t just being busy that kept me away, I had nothing to post on.. Nothing very interesting.. Yeah you guessed it, now I do..:D

A new show has started on Star Network. It’s called “Satyamev Jayate”. It’s a show produced by Aamir Khan and his team. Aamir Khan himself is the show host. He takes up topics related to things that are prevalent in the society.. Like on the Sunday before the last Sunday, he took up the topic of dowry, and all the problems associated with such a practice.. The shows are brilliant and it strikes straight at the viewers heart.

Last Sunday his topic was doctors and the malpractices they do.. It was a brilliant show as ever, bringing tears to everyone’s eyes and stuff.. And he’s not absolutely wrong.. The malpractices that happen in India are obnoxious!

After the show medical students like us had our discussions. I even talked to non medicos.. And they were pretty scared! One even suggested that we should start going to Ayurveda doctors instead! The reason was that the program was biased..

Doctors form a community which is respected by all Indians. Every doctor who can heal a patient is treated with respect. Some are treated like Gods! And then there are some who are the cheap stuff. They’re in for the profit and play with people’s lives.

The point is whenever you are in for profit, you play with people’s lives.. With most professions it’s indirect, with doctors it is direct! So if a building falls down and 100s are killed, you don’t know who to blame! The engineer, the contractor, the cement guy, the metal guy, blah blah.. But if a guy loses his life because of a doctor, well, u know who to kick!

In the show Aamir Khan talks about the number of licenses cancelled in the UK to those in India.. In India no license has been cancelled in the recent past.. This fact amazes the audience because that would mean that all doctors in India are either so good that there license hasn’t been cancelled or the system is corrupt!

It’s true that license in India are not cancelled as strictly as they are in UK.. But did he miss a point?? YESS!! He did!! And did the audience miss the point?? OF COURSE THEY DID!! But did they ask the question? UK is a “developed” country and India is “developing”. To most it is a difference of attitude, but basically it is not ATTITUDE that makes us a developing country and UK a developed country! It’s STATISTICS!! I won’t go into much details of it as you may find enough on the net already. But there are few points I’d like to emphasize.

Let us talk about the Doctor to Patient ratio.. I got this on the net. Click here. It’s an old statistics.. But u can still see the difference! Great Britain has 1 doctor for 400 patients and in India there is 1 doctor for every 1,700 patients!!! I couldn’t find the recent statistics of UK, but for in India as of 2012, there is 1 doctor for every 1953 patients.. Reference. it’s not just poor, it’s abysmal!! More so when u compare the salary!! For UK I got this on Payscale (Click) and for Indians (Click).. Comparing the lowest salary on both the charts Rs. 165,703 for Indians and £ 34,258 (Rs. 3,004,464) in UK!! Can u see the difference!! A doctor in UK gets over 15 times the salary for 1/4th the patient load when compared to an Indian doctor!! Also try comparing the least of UK and highest of India. See the difference? Can Indians afford to lose doctors!! NO WAY!! If Indian government starts to cancel licenses like UK, the already abysmal number will go down further more!! So what does the intelligent government do?? Lets not cancel license, at least the statistics will show proper!!! But is that a good thing?? I think not! But yeah, it’s the best thing that they can do right now considering the resources and corruption prevalent in the country!

Very truly put by Dr. Gulati.. The doctors are not to be blamed totally.. It’s the government and the whole social system, if you ask me! Doctors are said to do a noble job and it’s called a noble profession.. But are doctors paid right? The priority of health in this country does lie at the bottom! Are not doctors human!!?? Don’t they deserve to live properly and enjoy!!?? One may say that doctors earn the most in the country! True! But did u calculate the number of hours a doctor puts in to earn that much?? I have heard my non medico friends bicker that they were made to work for over 8hrs in a day!! Doctors have to work 36hrs at a stretch in India!! No sleep no rest!! And still earn as much as any other non medical guy!

PEOPLE SHOULD BECOME DOCTORS NOT FOR THE MONEY!! Yeah right! If a patient dies, the attendant kicks us; work for inhuman hours per day and get paid less; and when all’s tolerated, people come to you after watching a show and tell you “doctors are pathetic!” ARE WE NOT HUMANS!!! When somebody is treated badly, they give that in return. And it’s not just for doctors! But if a doctor becomes bad, the society suffers more than ever! So doctors should have a good moral of conduct.. Well, I say, give them enough money to have a good conduct. Make health a priority in this country. Make a proper education system so that those who want to become doctor to heal, and not to profit, become doctors.

Aamir Khan did an excellent show highlighting the evils of the medical institution. What he didn’t realize that what he has done is made his audience panic! Now everyone who has seen the show will be afraid of getting treated by a doctor. All they will think is that doctor is profiting! But I ask you, are the doctors to be blamed for what’s happening or is it the government and the social system? And I didn’t even take up the pharmaceutical companies and their way of work here! Hahahaha! Try this for instance (click).

Sieving My Thoughts

Just another day, I was standing by my terrace room door. There’s a construction going on the opposite side of the road. There’s this man. He’s sitting with a 1m by 2m sieve and a garden spade.. The sieve is inclined against the outer wall of the building. There’s a heap of sand just half a meter away from where the man was working.

Using a bigger spade he throws some sand on the sieve. He sits down on one side of the sieve and uses the garden spade to sift the sand. The coarse particle remains on his side of the sieve and the finer particles of sand form a small heap on the other side of the sieve.

On the other side of the sieve, mimicking his dad, is a 3-4 year old boy, around 2 feet tall, looking all cute and adorable. On his countenance is the expression of a man who’s doing the most important thing the world could offer. I watch them work diligently sieving sand.

After sometime, the man got up, strolled away from their work area, took out a packet of guthka (chewing tobacco) and swallowed it down. His son, meanwhile still sieving sand, looked back at his role model just at that precise moment, but got back to sieving quicker than he had turned to look at his dad..

The man picked up the spade picked up some sand on the spade and asked his son, who was having the time of his life STANDING on the sieve and sieving the sand, to move from the sieve, as he was about to throw the next packet for sieving. The kid shows his hand to his father, asking him to stop, removes the coarse particles of the sand with his garden spade from the sieve, and then motions with his hand to his dad as if giving a green signal..!! The man waits patiently for his son to move. He’s too tired even to scold him it looks from where I stand. Or, perhaps, he was different from other dads. His son moves, and he gets back to his work.

Within few minutes, the man stands up and strolls inside the building being constructed. His obedient 3yr old diligently sieving the sand.

The kid stands up and looks around to see his dad missing.. He gets apprehensive for a while. That’s the first time I see a “child” on the countenance of this 3yr old. He looks as if he’s about to cry. But that countenance disappears quicker than it appeared. He goes to the heap of sand, throws his spade (like his dad had done just a while ago) on the sand. He looks around and sees a spent guthka packet lying on the ground. He picks it up. I cross my fingers. “Don’t!”, I want to shout. My voice stifled by the cold northwesterlies that hit me. He looks inside the packet, turn it over in his other palm and gulps the contents. He throws the packet with the attitude of self-importance; picks up the spade he had thrown into the sand; goes back to the sieve and starts sieving again…….

I close the door, the wind still in my veins chilling down my spine. I sit on my bed and close my eyes……

How do you think this child will grow?

How do you think Raja’s 2G scam gonna affect him?

How do u think 20% off for burgers at McDonald’s gonna help him?

How do u think home loans and education loans will help him?

What will his psychology be like?

How do you think he’ll perceive this world to be like?

I had so many questions in my head.. I felt so lost inside.. Am I the only one feeling so?

Equality (contd.) Castes

In this post I’ll be talking about the caste system so prevalent in India..

The caste system when it was started it had a meaning of its own.. But the concept was soon forgotten.. I have discussed that in my previous blog post..

But soon the so called Brahmins began to think that they were superior than the other castes. They mistreated the other so called lower castes. And not just Brahmins. A hierarchy of the castes were made, with Brahmins at the top most positions in the society, followed by Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, and Shudras.. The Shudras were considered Untouchables by the so-called higher castes!!

Repressed for so long the lower castes hit back.. Now they are given RESERVATIONS by the Brahmin elites!! And the lower castes are happy about it! But I ask, does that change anything!!?? The arrogant Brahmins still think that they are better of as they are somehow nearer to God or something.. Inter-caste marriages are still a nightmare in India? Why?

As I said before, RESERVATIONS are the most hypocritical way of saying “We are Equal”.. Giving reservations is just a method of filling vote banks.. THAT’S IT!! It’s just a way of the so-called higher caste clearing their conscience.. It doesn’t bridge the gap.. It’s just widening it. Rather it’s cyclical! Let me explain how.

There was a time when the higher castes used to enjoy all the privileges in the society. And that was irrespective of whether they were worth it or not.. Now their guilt has made them promote reservation for the lower castes. Now the reservations have become so dominant (in some places), that right now higher castes have become minorities. They are now suffering what the lower caste had suffered before.. I see less worthy people getting to better places than worthier people just because they are so-called lower caste and have reservations. This obviously infuriates the higher castes.. This rage will build up eventually.. And this is definitely not healthy for the society.

I have met some people of so-called lower caste who actually deserve the reservations.. And then I again I have met those, who don’t.

Does reservation of caste solve problems? NO! if government HAS to uplift the lower caste, they should uplift the POOR- people who are economically low!! Reservation for caste has no logic!! There are well-to-do lower castes who pay 500 for some things while poor higher castes are paying 1000 for the same! Is this justice?

How can you solve this?

2 things: 1) Education and 2) Reservations to the right population

We need to educate people that caste system is of the bygone era. It has no relevance as of today! The so-called higher caste should let go of their arrogance.. Renounce their “higher powers”. Inter-caste marriages shouldn’t be a taboo! And caste system should go, once and for all!

Reservations should be given to the people who are BPL (Below Poverty Line).. And not just reservations.. They should be given privileges too (which I am happy too see, are given to some extent).. Reservations shouldn’t be a “Familial” thing, but a “Situational/Socio-economical” thing, i.e. one shouldn’t be entitled to a reservation or additional privileges because of their name (thus describing them to a particular caste), but because of their socio-economic status, because of their being underprivileged. So that when they become better of and are no more underprivileged, they should no more be entitled to Reservations or additional Privileges.

Maybe then we can truly say “We are Equal”!

Last post on my blog was related to the misconception of equality. In this post I will talk about Female-Male Equality.

This is one of the quintessence of misunderstanding that is prevalent in today’s society. The society continues to emphasize that woman can do what man can and they are no less to man and shouldn’t be mistreated. And I agree with that. But the extensions of this emphasis, according to me, are not justified. It’s the guilt of previous wrongdoings that keeps it justified.

When I see around me, I see mostly a Man dominated society. Man hasn’t changed his attitude towards females. Instead, by saying stuff like males and females are equal, and giving female reservations, etc. they are just buying salvation for their guilt. Tell me, if males and females are equal, why do you need a reservation then? Does reservation solve the problem? I don’t think so.. I think it’s a palliative treatment. The definitive treatment is proper education..

Males are Females are not equal. They are very much different individuals. Man has a skeletal structure that gives him more strength than a female. Woman can give birth, can feed the newborn. A man, mostly, has a logical brain, that makes him make decisions better than females. Females have a brain and hormonal physiology that makes her more enriched on the emotional side. She has great intuitive powers. Neither Anatomically, nor Physiologically are the two same completely.

So is that bad!!?? NO!!! It’s the best thing that could ever happen.. Even in Physics we know like poles oppose and unlike poles attract.. Think of it as two pieces of jigsaw puzzle fitting harmoniously together..

I think, both males and females have different purposes in the society doing their own thing and living in harmony.

What I see, today in the world, at least around me, a woman wants to compete with man! I have seen women say that if they don’t get a job like men, they won’t have respect like men! Why? Why can’t men respect women for what they are.. I think the present attitude of females are because of the attitudes of the inconsiderate men.. Men think that brutal strength is THE thing that decides who’s superior and who’s inferior! If a female doesn’t OBEY his commands, he can beat the crap out of her!! THAT’S IT!! WHY?? Repressed females now hit back! They form women organizations fighting for their RIGHTS!! How pathetic can that be!! And MEN give them RESERVATION!!! Hah!! How considerate!!!

Moreover, what hurts me most is how it affects the children.. I see parents leave their babies to babysitters because they can’t get time for their children.. Some are so busy, that they could even perhaps forget how their child looks!! Does a child grow healthy abandoned like that? But I don’t blame parents for the situation.. It’s more because of the economic situation of the world. Anyways..

I think the world would be a better place if women were thought to be women and not men.. Women don’t need to pretend to be men, if men don’t torture them just because they are women and lack in brutal strength.. Each is a human with different characteristics and different function in the society.. None is superior or inferior.

Harmony and peace!

Equality, a misunderstanding

Everybody is equal in God’s eyes.. But the concept of equality, I think, has been misunderstood.. And this misunderstanding is so deep and labyrinthine that people today fail to see the actual meaning of it..

Generally speaking, when societies were forming in mankind’s earliest days, they understood the differences.. Man’s attempts at trying to understand things that happen around him, made him categorize and analyse. At first things were good.. But through the ages, the concepts for the conception of the differences became oblivious.. Man forgot why the differences were?! They were so blind that they thought God had made things to be like this. And as man sought power, he made these differences as a source of forming hierarchies in the society, too.. So there were those who thought that they were better of than the rest.. And these “rest” rested at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Those who were at the bottom of this man-made hierarchy were mistreated eventually. They were thought to be unworthy souls. But what happens when u treat somebody badly for ages? Their comes a critical moment, when the mistreated rises and says, “ENOUGH!” And there is a revolution. And so there was…

So in the not-very-distant past, these revolutions took place.. Those placed higher were shaken.. And as time progressed, man understood how much they have wronged. This immense guilt made them take action, make amends. And trying to make amends they made another mistake.. They propagated Equality, a misunderstanding.. Man has forgotten the actual meanings of equality, and blinded by guilt they didn’t realize what they were propagating! And as of today, I think, the misconception prevails.. I think its not about “Equality”, but the “Harmony among the Differences”, the “Unity in Diversity”.

These approaches at uplifting the wronged are, according to me, the most hypocritical method of saying “We are Equal”. No we are NOT! Not TOTALLY! Every individual is different! That is why they are Individuals. But they are not completely different. There ARE aspects that are Equal.. But the present society, I think, fails to understand these aspects.

I’ll be talking about some of these in the following posts in my blog. These will include Male-Female equality Caste equality, etc.. Read on..:)


Let’s talk about God and Religion today…

What or Who’s God?

Let’s go back in time..

Early man: no science.. None whatsoever.. No fancy car, no dishwasher, no
electronics, not even table-chair! He’s hunting, and surviving..

Imagine yourself as the dumbest person on this planet.. You see the morning
sky and see the sun, what do u think? Wow! I can’t see that.. That’s one hell of
a bright light.. You look at it in awe as it sets and rises! It’s warmth
energizes you after cold night..

You see rain.. Thunder clouds.. How do u feel? U feel scared.. If you are
having a hard time imagining, think of your childhood.. Weren’t you afraid of
thunder and lightening?

Of course! It’s suppose to scare you.. It’s how evolution of brain has
happened! Being scared of loud noise! It gives u an impulse to protect
yourself.. Go inside a cave or something..

But then you ask yourself, who was “shouting”?? Was he angry or something??
Exactly what this early man used to think.. And they name him GOD!!

Early man couldn’t understand all the mysteries of the universe.. Why that
“bright light” kept coming up and going down, why the burning heat during
summers, why the freezing cold during winters, why the fierce rain during
monsoons, etc..

WHO was controlling these things after all!!! (Oh and that WHO isn’t World
Health Organization)

So, they ASSUMED, that there was this superpower, a master, the controller
who had created them..

C’mon!! They didn’t have geography lessons to tell ’em that the earth is
round and it’s the 3rd planet from the Sun, the so called “bright-light”! Nobody
told them about solar systems, air compositions, biology, chemistry,
electricity! Poor guys!

What do u do when you see a nice and interesting thing you donno about? You
make up a story! You make assumptions! You make discoveries and you invent your

So God was created!

What does this guy look like? Ooh he’s definitely a man!! Look at him roar
(thunderstorms) when he’s angry!! What language does he speak?? “God knows”!

So now we have a God, who looks like a human, and supposedly a male, and he
commands all of Nature (the wind, water, earth, sun, etc.)


NAH!!! Not liking.. Let’s add a female.. That poor guy can’t do everything on
his own!! This GUY should have a wife, some sons and daughters, a ministry, blah

What’s this!! EVOLUTION!!

A man’s opinion is a product of his surrounding.. So I don’t doubt that while
cave men thought their Gods lived in caves, kings and emperors thought their
Gods lived in palaces!

So as society developed, religious men also thought that even god has some
society or ministry kinda thing.. Lets make one take care of wind, one for
water, one for earth, one for food, one for this and one for that! WOW!! SO MANY

So as man evolved, concept of God evolved.. Until recently.. I’ll come to
that soon..

Let’s talk about RELIGION!

Early man: hunters. Killing, and feeding! How disgusting, you’d say! No
manners!! Sorry to say, but they didn’t have moral science class those days..

But then came this “thinker” who thought, that we are under the command of
god! So this “thinker” guy is now our moral science teacher for all around
him/her. And I assume this moral science teacher is old.. Else he wouldn’t have
many listeners, now would he!! Who listens to a stupid young fellow!! c’mon!
he’s soooo young!! Yeah you get it.. This guy’s old.. And maybe, just maybe, he
has some nice hallucinations, because of scientific causes we know affecting
old! But who’s gonna tell the other people that this guy needs a hospital and
not an audience!!

But anyways amidst his hallucinations, he tells wonderful stories.. He
teaches the young people the meaning of life! He tells about God.. Everything
that he thinks is positive

These stories are carried forward.. And as they are carried forward, they are
modified.. And you have no idea to what wonderful spicy substances are added to
it!! I call it the best cooked recipe!

So we now have a story, and a moral science book for those hooligans who are
not moral..

This is actually how empires spread.. This concept of religion was a
brilliant idea to make uncivilized humans, civilized!! It was ingenuity of the
human brain to devise such a fabulous masterpiece to make humans what they were
to human what they became.

But THEN things changed!


‘Cause there wasn’t only one psychotic “thinker”!! There were more!! All over
the surface of Earth!! And as explained in my last blog, communities met, there
was a collision of beliefs! And this resulted in wars, superior-inferior
duality, etc.!

So, now not only were humans fighting, but even Gods were! Say for example,
let’s have a death match between Allah and Ram! Yeah right! Hilarious! Next
round with Jesus perhaps..!

God and Religion in Present society..

After discovery of science, all those unsolvable mysteries (like, what if we
fall from the edge of the earth?) were solved! Humans realized it wasn’t God who
was controlling things at His bidding.. There were scientific proper reasons to
things that happened around us.. Why rain fell, why sun is so bright a light,
etc. etc…

BUT.. GOD remained.. WHY? Because the stories are wonderful and grannies love
telling nice stories to startle the young newborn’s mind!! And religious stories
somehow make the best bedtime stories! And why not.. Even in school perhaps!!
After all it was “THE INGENIOUS IDEA” that made uncivilized, civilized.. Now who
wants their children to be uncivilized!! Not me! So tell the best story ever
made!! God and Religion!

What’s God’s purpose now?

Apart from mental solace, God has now become, what I call, the

What’s that???? 😮

Read on.. Next blog soon..;)

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