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Well, that’s most of my poems and songs uploaded.. Smile Hey WordPress!! i noticed something funny.. More than a month ago I had seen that I had 42 followers.. Then I saw 121!! That day I was on the top of the world.. Then not even a month ago I saw 5 followers!! 5!!! And now I see 76! What’s happening? And I thought only I was the one who’s numerically challenged!! Open-mouthed smile

Anyways, apart from the followers, I’m truly honoured by the one or two “likes” I get from fellow-bloggers. Man!!! When I go through these people’s blog (who “like” mine), I’m at a loss of words! I just wish I had more time to go through others’ blogs.. But, the fact that I am even blogging, is a shock to most medical students! lol! Open-mouthed smile

Well… Thank you wordpress, for the opportunity to share my journey with such wonderful people and bloggers! Smile


WordPress for Nokia

Trying to write another post from this new software called WordPress for Nokia.. Let’s see if it works.. The last time i tried, it crashed..:-/

And i tried, and it crashed again.. I had to uninstall and re-install.. Now that’s just so stupid if you ask me..:-/

And it’s working again! Some kind of mystery! I have no idea how or when it works and how and when it doesn’t.. Or did the wordpress or nokia developers read my post and decided to do away with the bug… Whatever it is, I guess I’ll be starting my Mobile Blog soon..:)

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