Last post on my blog was related to the misconception of equality. In this post I will talk about Female-Male Equality.

This is one of the quintessence of misunderstanding that is prevalent in today’s society. The society continues to emphasize that woman can do what man can and they are no less to man and shouldn’t be mistreated. And I agree with that. But the extensions of this emphasis, according to me, are not justified. It’s the guilt of previous wrongdoings that keeps it justified.

When I see around me, I see mostly a Man dominated society. Man hasn’t changed his attitude towards females. Instead, by saying stuff like males and females are equal, and giving female reservations, etc. they are just buying salvation for their guilt. Tell me, if males and females are equal, why do you need a reservation then? Does reservation solve the problem? I don’t think so.. I think it’s a palliative treatment. The definitive treatment is proper education..

Males are Females are not equal. They are very much different individuals. Man has a skeletal structure that gives him more strength than a female. Woman can give birth, can feed the newborn. A man, mostly, has a logical brain, that makes him make decisions better than females. Females have a brain and hormonal physiology that makes her more enriched on the emotional side. She has great intuitive powers. Neither Anatomically, nor Physiologically are the two same completely.

So is that bad!!?? NO!!! It’s the best thing that could ever happen.. Even in Physics we know like poles oppose and unlike poles attract.. Think of it as two pieces of jigsaw puzzle fitting harmoniously together..

I think, both males and females have different purposes in the society doing their own thing and living in harmony.

What I see, today in the world, at least around me, a woman wants to compete with man! I have seen women say that if they don’t get a job like men, they won’t have respect like men! Why? Why can’t men respect women for what they are.. I think the present attitude of females are because of the attitudes of the inconsiderate men.. Men think that brutal strength is THE thing that decides who’s superior and who’s inferior! If a female doesn’t OBEY his commands, he can beat the crap out of her!! THAT’S IT!! WHY?? Repressed females now hit back! They form women organizations fighting for their RIGHTS!! How pathetic can that be!! And MEN give them RESERVATION!!! Hah!! How considerate!!!

Moreover, what hurts me most is how it affects the children.. I see parents leave their babies to babysitters because they can’t get time for their children.. Some are so busy, that they could even perhaps forget how their child looks!! Does a child grow healthy abandoned like that? But I don’t blame parents for the situation.. It’s more because of the economic situation of the world. Anyways..

I think the world would be a better place if women were thought to be women and not men.. Women don’t need to pretend to be men, if men don’t torture them just because they are women and lack in brutal strength.. Each is a human with different characteristics and different function in the society.. None is superior or inferior.

Harmony and peace!