I woke up late today. the weather is awesome.. it’s hypnotic. windy and rainy. and as i start studying alone in my room, i think of starting the internet.. and the first site i open is Facebook.

Facebook has changed lives. the world now is different now than it was few years before. internet started the revolution of connecting people far away. facebook has become the most used social networking site on the web today. thanks to facebook i got in touch with so many of my old friends and also made some nice new ones..:)

and then i thought of posting something on my blog.. i don’t get much time for blogs. but the concept interests me. so this is my first web log.

i have wikipedia open that has become the most commonly used encyclopedia. it helps me in my studies

i have started makin notes on my laptop using Microsoft OneNote.

Ah! the digital age.. so many benefits… i am loving this at the moment.

so now i’ll get back to my medical studies, making notes and stuff..

see ya.. 🙂